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The U-Kiss boys recently begun promotions on M! Countdown with their new song, What but like many other singers promoting during this period, their schedules have been disrupted due to events out of their control.

But one thing is definitely confirmed and that is they would be heading to Malaysia this coming June! U-Kiss member, Alexander had only just tweeted about it yesterday and we have one location confirmed today.

Geneses Dream Entertainment have managed to get U-Kiss to Malaysia for a fan meeting on 19th June at the KLCC. There were some doubts initially among U-Kiss fans who questioned whether it was a scam but the exclusive teaser video recorded by the U-Kiss members should put your fears to rest.

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During an episode of God of Cookery Expedition that aired on the 9th, U-Kiss members Soo Hyun and Ki Seop briefly performed a preview of What from their latest album Only One.

The track, which is to be used for the boy band’s follow-up promotions, maintains the same trend of an electronic sound and synthesized vocals from their previous songs, Man Man Ha Ni and Bingeul Bingeul.

As they unveiled the highlight of their choreography on the show for the first time, comedian Kim Shin Young teased that the song bore a resemblance to SHINee’s Amigo. The U-Kiss duo weren’t very amused with Kim Shin Young’s commentary, prompting Soohyun to glare at her direction. Soo Hyun jokingly declared, “U-Kiss fans, let’s defeat Kim Shin Young!”, sending everyone on set laughing.

Although Kim Shin Young was only messing around, let’s hope U-Kiss doesn’t receive too much criticism from plagiarism accusations. They haven’t even begun promoting What yet.

Apart from the three words, What and Amigo sound nothing alike. Just to prove it, listen to both tracks in full below.

U-Kiss – What

SHINee – Amigo

[Thanks to jessicarr8 for the tip].

source : allkpop

Thanks crazynoona to sub this old clip…

We all know baby Jun and his brother are very closed…

This video could show how adorable baby is ^_^

Actual event: 16 August 08 UKiss Japan First Showcase at Tokyo NoName Live Hall

Credit: mangosorbet@YT+eng sub + trans by crazynoona

[note: article contains spoiler] Yet another idol star signs up for MNET Scandal and all hell breaks loose again!

The controversial and somewhat dreaded program made it’s return recently and have already got fangirls screaming with MBLAQ’s Thunder being the first idol star this season.

And if you still didn’t know, MNET Scandal pairs up a celebrity and a lucky girl (or guys for female celebrities) where they will act like a real dating couple.

And after seeing Thunder getting sandwiched in between episodes which featured actors Choi Philip and Ko Joo Won, another idol star will become the 4th celebrity and 2nd idol star on the show this season. A preview was released today where the U-Kiss members had masks on while a lucky girl picked randomly (?) from them to be his girlfriend, leaving viewers in suspense on who it will be.

But U-Kiss fans already know that it will be Eli.

source : allkpop