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haha… I know the event is couple months ago

But seems more photos of this Christmas show came out in Japan TS site

Since, not much fans photos of this event…

We can only get the photos from DSP

Here is some more of our handsome princes

Credit: Japan DSP official site


haha… just find sendmall email in my inbox…

Got the news that another product will be out soon in sendmall

So I posted that our boys got a new season 2 Green Peas mug out now

I actually ordered it already ^^

Then, another coming products will be “SS501 is back” Umbrella

So cute… I love to have that… so my not so favorite rainy day will become my favorite day…keke

Credit: sendmall.co.kr mail

Hyun Joong to Young Saeng:

To Young Saeng …

Young Saeng ah have to be patient no matter how hungry

have to have Patience even how painful we feel

because we want to become more progressive people,

We want to become great

よっしや よっしや and Fighting!!

Even we can’t be recognized internationally

We still need to put desperate efforts to become a singer also

if we do so, I believe that wealth and honor will eventually come naturally

Young Saeng to Kyu Jong:

To Kyu Jong

Young Saeng… is me hyung…ke

Hope I will always able to see you as this hardworking and honest person

I love to see we 501 will remain this even after many years!!!

Do not only eat beef donbori, but also try to challenge other things!! Hehehe Fighting!!

Kyu Jong to Jung Min:

To Sexy Park Jung Min

You are the the highest (better) the sexy man in Republic of Korea ~ Min-ah
We have come to Japan, it is hard to learn Japanese,
You still have a good effort to study even in pain after having surgery,
Really very grateful, Yeah we all work together.
No pain now, please be healthy


From “Kyu Jong”

Jung Min to Hyung Jun:

To Hyung Jun

How are you?

I am Jung Min!!

Very grateful to have you as part of SS501 working with desperate efforts~

Then we have to continue to Fighting!!


Later no matter how many difficulty we will encounter

Let’s us overcome them together!!

Hyung. Jun. Jung. Min.

and SS501 Cheer

Jung Min

Hyung Jun to Hyun Joong Hyung:

To Hyun Joong hyung

Often show the look with desperate effort ~ !

SS501 we will always be together

Let’s work hard together

We all five members make every effort to make it perfect ~

Let’s get brighten in Japan!!

ah hahaha ~!!

Hyung Jun in SS501

Credit: parkjungmin.in
English Translation:SS501fighting.wordpress.com

What’s happening to our lovely Horse….????

Some say he is sick…

if that’s true… I think we will not be happy to see him left a message at this moment…

But we will definitely pray for him…

Some people say he wants us to pray together for DSP rep Lee

If so, of course I am so happy to see our kind-hearted boy to leave such a lovely message…

However, at this moment… nothing confirmed…

I will update if I find out more about this…

Hope Minnie will leave a more clear message later

Here is his short and hurry message at DSP:

English Translation:

All !! 2010-04-06 5:12:54 AM

Please pray all together …

Credit: http://ss501.dspenter.com/

Price: 12,000 won
Points: 120
Product Code: 200741
Manufacturer: Send4U
Shipping costs: 2500 (30,000 won or purchases for free)

Delivery date: April 23

Times During the sales times transmission is not the same price through the shopping cart.

Credit: http://www.sendmall.co.kr
English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com

From April~May, there would soon be an overcrowding of stars in the music industry. Beginning previously on the 7th from Rain, to Lee Hyo-ri who will release 4th album on the 13th. At the end of this month, 2PM will also be releasing their 2nd album, Son Dambi, SS501 will also be releasing their new album in upcoming May and meet with fans. From april~may, amidst the 5 representative singers who will be making a comeback, we got to know more about their drawbacks as well as tackling methods through the way we observe it as.

(others mentioned were Rain, Lee Hyo-ri, 2PM, Son Dambi)


Drawbacks: Undervalued domestic awareness versus unyielding immense fan support. Due to drama ‘Boys over Flowers’, Kim HyunJoong whose popularity was boosted significantly, SS501 then unarguably became a top star in asia regions. However, since they focus on overseas activities more, domestic awareness on them didn’t grow deeper though. Fans too, are restricted to the new generation world only. They’re recognized more as a famous group by looks only, more than being recognized for their songs.

Resolution: They’re now focusing on producing the hit track for their upcoming album. Rather than designing a new generation’s dance song for the sake of being in the core of performances, the new album would actually be filled with songs produced for enjoyment targeting at the majority audiences. Agency DSP has said, “Will carry out promotion activities with their music as the core, rather than to focus on visual” “Rather than having to do it through hook songs with catchy melody, we would instead strengthen their image as a vocalist group with strong vocal skills through the production of songs which would highlight mainly on the vocals. They would also be actively participating on music and variety programmes, this would thus certainly expand their fanbase” etc such opinions were revealed.

Credit: daily news kr.
Translation: ode@ss501ode.bs.com

Group SS501’s member KimHyunJoong has had received overwhelming welcomes at Spain’s airport. Kim HyunJoong, on the 7th, had arrived at Spain Barcelona’s airport. On that day at its local airport, a huge number of fans had gathered there to welcome him.

Kim HyunJoong had collated popularity not just through SS501 activities but also through drama ‘Boys over Flowers’ which gave his popularity an immense boost in Asia regions. This time at the airport, it was proved that his popularity had gone beyond Asia and has had reached Europe as well.

Prior to this, previously on the 1st which was April Fools’ Day, he left a joke on the homepage writing, “Would be going to study abroad in Spain” which left fans in a shock and surprised. But in actual fact, he wasn’t going for advances studies, he was going for a pictorial photoshoot.

Initially after his schedule was revealed to be heading for Madrid and not Barcelona, a significant amount of fans had already gathered at Madrid airport gate waiting for him.

There are now many videos of fans who had welcomed Kim HyunJoong as he touched down in Spain on video sites like Youtube. The local fans there had exclaimed, “I saw my lover”, “Breathing the same air in the same place as him”, enthusiastic responses could be thus seen, such comments have been published continuously.

On the other hand, after staying for about a week in Spain for the pictorial shoot, he would return to Seoul, and then plunge into preparations for new album that’s to be released on May 1.

Credit: nate/star
eng: ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com


Group SS501’s comeback minialbum ‘Rebirth’ has been leaked. The minialbum was set to be revealed at midnight on 20th October, but was leaked online on 19th October.

This will be the group’s comeback in the Kpop after a year plus. The minialbum is a collection of 5 tracks with the title song ‘Love Like This’.

Go under the cut to preview the album!

Track List :


02. Love Like This (Negero)

03. 하루만 (Haruman)

04. Obsess (Jungdong)

05. 완.두.콩(Wandukong)

Meanwhile SS501 will be having their comeback stage on KBS Music Bank on 23rd October.



SS501 expressed their feelings about group Dong Bang Shin Ki amidst this time where they are in danger of disbandment.

During their 1st Asia concert tour Persona concert press conference in Taiwan Taipei on 17th October, SS501 said, “Dong Bang Shin Ki is the representative group in Korea, and now that they are in such an uncertain time, as colleagues we feel sad about it. We hope that the situation will turn out well eventually.”

SS501 and Dong Bang Shin Ki have been put in comparison since the 2 group’s debut. But recently with the ongoing trial between the 3 members from Dong Bang Shin Ki and their management company, SS501 has also shown concern to the situation.

SS501 also spoke about recent cases of idol group members and their mishaps and mistakes, “Even though a mistake is a mistake, sometimes we are also under a lot of finger-pointing. Even so, we feel that entertainers should be careful with their actions and words.”

cr to: sookyeong.wordpress

Boys Over Flowers Kim Hyun Joong, Lee MinHo, Super Junior and GDragon are currently the top 4 artists vying for the title of 2009 best stylish icon.

Ahead of 2009 Style Icon Awards Seoul to be held on 11th November, netizens are all taking part in an internet and mobile poll to select 2009 best stylish icon. The poll has opened on October 1st.

Currently topping the poll:

  1. Kim Hyun Joong
  2. Lee MinHo
  3. Super Junior
  4. GDragon
  5. Lee Seung Gi
  6. SS501
  7. Goo Hye Sun
  8. So Nyeo Shi Dae
  9. Brown Eyed Girls
  10. 2PM

This is the 2nd time the event will be held, and will be broadcasted on November 11 on  O’Live, tvN, XTM etc at 6pm.


cr to soompi