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…an innocent kitty doll. What a morbid sight.

On the bulletin board of SBS PowerFM’s Kim Heechul’s Young Street where the man himself is the main host/DJ, a picture of the idol star harshly(?) gripping the neck of a fuzzy cat doll was uploaded.

Although Kim Heechul’s eyes are covered by his long bangs, his chic expression cannot be hidden.

Netizens commented,

“Huk, look at that grip on the cat’s neck.”
“The cat resembles Kim Heechul.”
“Both the cat and Kim Heechul are cute.”

The cold look in his face and the mysterious cables behind him give me the chills.



Having revealed on Kim Heechul’s Young Street earlier that he would show his driving license, the 4-D member of Super Junior, Kim Heechul fulfiled his promise by uploading it on the 11th on the official website.

He expressed that he had taken the photo according to his own style (with his trademark smirk) and it would definitely claim the Daesang award (if there ever was one) for being the best driving license photo.

Netizens were no doubt bemused, especially by that smirk and expressed, “You’re really bold, Heechul,”, “Really hit the jackpot with this,” etc.

source : allkpop


All the members of MBC “Oppa band” have left for a music travel as the autumn is coming.

On the recent filming of “Oppa band”, with the dress concept “Autumn guy”, every member of Oppa band has showed their own fashion style and got on the train. This day, their rival on the train is an university band and the two bands have had a band battle.

Besides, on that day Super Junior Kim Heechul had appeared without people’s knowing and said “I want to become the 9th member of Oppa band”. Recently, Heechul always showed his interest toward Oppa band and on that filming day, he even asked whether he could become an official member but it’s a pity that there isnt any vacant position in Oppa band.

Because of being worry about their spot, all the Oppa band’s members kept a look-out on Heechul and Kim Gura even used malicious language to him. Despite of Kim Gura’s abusive language and Tak Jaehoon’s harsh treatment, Heechul still showed his determination.

The show will be aired at 5.20PM on September 20th.

Source: Newsen
Translations: evanesco@sj-world
Credit to : ♥ KPOP JJANG 짱!

Kim Heechul, who recently made a comeback with his acting job through SBS’s new weekend drama “I love you ten million times” has revealed that he had shed tears because of the other members’ honest and warm words.

Kim Heechul who had debuted as an actor through KBS drama “Sharp 2″ in 2005 in a recent interview with Star News has said that it had taken him a lot of time to remember all the name of SJ’s members.

Kim Heechul said “I had a hard time with Super Junior’s members because I spend too much time on acting”, “There was a time I was in a drama so I couldn’t go to practice room. So when I joined them after a long time, the other members were like ‘Hyung, we had practiced with your spot left blank. You simply can join in later’ and ‘I only think about you but you just see the members that you’re close with, I feel so sad”

He continued with “In the restroom, my tears pour out without knowing” and “I feel both sorry and thankful to other members at the same time”, “I only think about myself that need doing well. I’m so happy that I can be with the members like that”

In fact recently, Super Junior had a summer vacation in Kangwondo, they had time to share things and talk to each other and to strengthen their true friendship.

Kim Heechul said “Now the teamwork of Super Junior is the best”, “I’m a person who has change my own mind, the wall (that I built around my heart) has been dissapeared completely and because I have them (the other members) who are really like a family that I truly feel happy and thankful every second” showing his love for his members.

Source: Star MT News
Translations: evanesco@sj-world

credit to: minsarang@wordpress

~~ heechul.. such a sweet person