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Despite the plagiarism controversy that surrounded their Korean debut track I’m a Loner in early 2010, indie rock boy band CNBLUE has gained a fanbase large enough to secure their rise to fame and success.

They have remained relatively low-key lately, aside from CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa’s regular appearance as the on-screen husband of SNSD’s Seohyun in MBC We Got Married.

However, fans have some eye candy to look at with the release of CNBLUE’s official photos from the Nii photoshoot.

In a sunny, beach setting, the members unveiled a casual, summer look wearing polos and jeans. Not only is CNBLUE talented, they are a good-looking bunch too.

Check out the photos below.

credit: allkpop


C.N Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun shares pics from his ‘Ulzzang’ past!

Before becoming a member of C.N Blue, it seems like Lee Jong Hyun was also an ulzzang! His ulzzang photos from when he was younger had been revealed and it’s quickly becoming a hot topic amongst netizens!

Long before he entered into the entertainment business, Jong Hyun had been famous as an ‘ulzzang baby’ on the internet. Now, as C.N Blue begins to rise in popularity, his ulzzang childhood photos have once again resurfaced and are gathering attention.

Even though time has passed since those days, his past photos still show that same pure smile which JongHyun has today.

Netizens who have seen the photos have commented, saying: ” He still has those good looks from his ulzzang days”,” Jung Yong Hwa is an ulzzang, so is C.N Blue an ulzzang band now?”, showing their curiosity and interest.

Source: Lee Eun Ji@tvdaily.co.kr

Translation: yunpoaw@kpoplive.com

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