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We revealed earlier that Big Bang was going to sing the theme song for the Japanese broadcast of IRIS and we also listened to a short teaser as well.

Now with the drama broadcasting in the prime time slot on TBS Japan on April 21st in a special 2 hour premiere, they have released an extended highlight reel music video with the best scenes and of course with Big Bang’s new song Tell Me Goodbye playing in the background.

So sit back and relieve the best moments of IRIS with Big Bang!

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One of the biggest and most successful entertainment companies in Korea, YG Entertainment has achieved a huge profit for 2009.

On the 12th, it was revealed how much YG made in 2009 after research by the Financial Supervisory Service.

From this research, it has been known that they earned 35,693,360,000 KRW (~$32 million USD). This is almost double the amount of 2008’s total income of 18,500,000,000 KRW (~$16,700,000). It’s been almost 15 years since YG was founded and this is the biggest income they have had yet.

So, how did they made so much money? Well, 2009 was the year 2NE1 debuted! They hit it big with Fire and I Don’t Care. Not only that, Big Bang had concerts. On top of that, G-Dragon, Daesung, Seungri, Taeyang and T.O.P all did solo activities.
Figures for the other two heavyweights, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment were also released with the former remaining top of the pile thanks to its strong marketing operations (61,788,490,000 KRW) while the latter suffered a slight drop in earnings (10,163,540,000 KRW) due to the Wonder Girls’ inactivity in Korea.

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rvdlk6.jpgEntertainment companies, including YG Entertainment, were ordered to correct their unfair contracts after a government inspection by the Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC).

FTC announced on the 20th that 198 contracts between an entertainer and their company were corrected after their inspection on 20 entertainment companies. The inspection was carried out from April to May of this year.

For example, YG deleted the clause that reads “After the day that the contract between the company and the entertainer ends, the company is relieved from the duty to pay royalties from recorded materials to the entertainer and all proceeds from said materials belong to the company,” meaning that YG’s entertainers can now receive royalties from the songs they made with YG even after they leave the company. YG also changed the clause that reads “Entertainer must receive permission of the company in order to travel outside of Korea” to “Entertainer must inform of their out-of-country travel plans to the company beforehand to not cause any disruptions in management planning process,” meaning that YG’s entertainers like Big Bang and 2NE1 now may travel outside of the country without YG’s permissions.

Entertainers are now given the right to retire at will as well. “Entertainer may not cease performance or retire during the life of the contract without permission of the company” was changed to “If entertainer seeks to cease performance or retire during the life of the contract, the company and the entertainer may discuss the topic.” “Entertainer must use their talent and skills in accordance with the company’s decisions” was changed to “Entertainer must perform by fully employing their talent and skill, and the company must aid the entertainer with appropriate opportunities,” giving entertainers a bit more legal freedom with their decision making.

Overall, clauses that overly invade an entertainer’s privacy, invade an entertainer’s right to be a part of the decision making process for their career and performances, and clauses that force entertainers to perform for the company’s promotional activities without compensation and without consent of the entertainer were corrected.

This is a step towards a better environment for Korean entertainers, but this is just a small step. Merely 20 entertainment companies were inspected and corrected, as 320 companies under Korean Entertainment Producers Association were not a part of this inspection. FTC acknowledges the fact that unfair contracts are common in the entertainment industry and plans on directing the association in inspecting and correcting its members. It may be hard to imagine SM giving freedom to its entertainers, especially after the whole Kangin fiasco, but one day SNSD will be free to travel to Canada, to hang out with me without having to receive SM’s approval. One day.

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Big Bang SeungRi has given an advice (?) to fellow member TOP about acting.

was on SBS ‘TV Entertainment’ to be aired on 21st October where he talks about TOP’s acting , “TOP hyung’s eye expression is burdersome.” TOP recently has his drama debut in KBS drama ‘IRIS’ acting as a killer.

All 5 members of group Big Bang have come together after 2 month on the show. Previously in August, member DaeSung was involved in a car accident and has been inactive since. And he was seen looking healthy on the show with the rest of the members.

Also member GDragon talks about his feelings on his solo debut album release.

The show will be aired on 21st October at 8.50pm.

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TaeYang will have a special broadcast performance in 1 year and 5 months.

He will be having his comeback stage performing his latest hit ‘Where U At’. Coming 25th October, he will be performing the song on SBS Inkigayo. Initially it was planned that he will not be doing promotions for the song.

But with GDragon’s performing of ‘A Boy’ on SBS Inkigayo on 18th October, we know about TaeYang’s comeback stage. At the end of ‘A Boy’ performance, GDragon has flashed the message ‘Next week TaeYang comeback’, much to the surprise of the audience. This is will be a pleasant surprise for fans since YG has decided earlier that TaeYang will not be promoting the song.

According to YG Entertainment, the song is not the title song of TaeYang’s upcoming full-length album, it is just a teaser to the full length album release. And after seeing TaeYang’s dance and choreography, a MV was produced for the song.

The title song to the full length album to be released in early November is supposed to be ‘Wedding Dress’, but YG Ent said, “It is really a waste seeing TaeYang’s dance and choreography for the song. Hence fans have a chance to see TaeYang perform live.”

YG Ent also revealed, “With fans’ request, TaeYang will perform the song on stage for just once. Because of the tough dance steps, the song will be a hard song to perform live, but TaeYang has been preparing since last week since this is his comeback stage after so long.”

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Korean group Big Bang has landed their first tie-in with a Japanese television drama. Their new song, “Koe wo Kikasete,” will be used as the opening theme of TBS’s “Ohitorisama,” which stars Alisa Mizuki and Teppei Koike.

This song also marks the return of Daesung (D-LITE), who was injured in a car accident this past August.

“Ohitorisama” starts this coming Friday. Big Bang will release “Koe wo Kikasete” as a single on November 4.

Source : Tokyograph, Japan_Now

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Boys Over Flowers Kim Hyun Joong, Lee MinHo, Super Junior and GDragon are currently the top 4 artists vying for the title of 2009 best stylish icon.

Ahead of 2009 Style Icon Awards Seoul to be held on 11th November, netizens are all taking part in an internet and mobile poll to select 2009 best stylish icon. The poll has opened on October 1st.

Currently topping the poll:

  1. Kim Hyun Joong
  2. Lee MinHo
  3. Super Junior
  4. GDragon
  5. Lee Seung Gi
  6. SS501
  7. Goo Hye Sun
  8. So Nyeo Shi Dae
  9. Brown Eyed Girls
  10. 2PM

This is the 2nd time the event will be held, and will be broadcasted on November 11 on  O’Live, tvN, XTM etc at 6pm.


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Comedian Yoon Hyung Bin “transformed” into Big Bang’s G-Dragon. For those who do not know who this comedian is, Yoon Hyung Bin plays the role of “Wang Biho,” also known as the sarcastic comedian who always talks smack about popular Korean celebrities in the final segment of KBS 2TV’s popular comedy show, “Gag Concert.”

In the most recent segment, Wang Biho, dressed up in the theme of G-Dragon’s newest album, Heartbreaker. Wang said, “Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, ‘is he supposed to be G-Dragon?'” which led the audience to be shocked but all burst in laughter when he said, “maybe Wang-Dragon?” Wang Biho started the laying the smack down by singing a line from Heartbreaker…

“나도 어디서든 꿀리진 않아 아직 쓸만한 걸 죽지 않았어”
“I don’t fall behind, I’m still useful, I haven’t died yet”

…but connected the verse with another line from an old traditional Korean song titled, “쾌지나칭칭나네, (Kwae Ji Na Ching Ching Na Nae) by Kim Do Kyuun”, which sounded oddly similar. The comedian then added, “Who said ‘Heartbreaker’ is similar to an American song? It’s more similar to a Korean song!”

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With new singers and groups debuting lately, Kpop world is experiencing a flood of new and definitely younger singers.

We are looking at a crowd as young as 15 years old, and born in 1994. Did time really fly that fast or are we looking at a younger group of singers now?

Go under the cut to know who they are.

Youngest of the batch – 94ers :

2NE1 Gong MinJi
KARA Kang Ji Yeong
4Minute Kwon SoHyun
f(x) Sulli
f(x) Krystal
UKiss DongHo

93ers :
SHINee TaeMin
T-ara JiYeon
f(x) Luna

92ers :
Wonder Girls SoHee
4Minute HyunA
Wonder Girls SunMi
f(x) Amber

The maknaes whom I know are no longer the youngest ones in the Kpop world.

The ‘older’ maknaes:

91-ers :
So Nyeo Shi Dae SoHyun
SHINee Key
SHINee MinHo
KARA Nicole
KARA Goo Hara
UKiss Kevin
Paran AJ
2AM Jinwoon
FT Island JaeJin

90-ers :
Big Bang SeungRi
FT Island HongKi
FT Island Choi JungHoon
So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA
Oh Won Bin

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1. SNSD – Gee (090107) – 9,446,861 HIT
2. SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (090625) – 6,944,941 HIT
3. G-Dragon – Heartbreaker (090818) – 6,641,671 HIT
4. 2NE1 – Fire Space Ver. (090506) – 6,306,439 HIT
5. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra (090728) – 5,859,842 HIT
6. Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop (090403) – 4,746,111 HIT
7. 2NE1 – I Don’t Care (090709) – 4,738,057 HIT
8. Davichi & JiYeon & T-ara – Ladies Generation – (090506) – 4,204,285 HIT
9. Kara – Wanna (090729) – 3,510,786 HIT
10. 2NE1 – Fire Street Ver. (090506) – 3,160,940 HIT

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Credits YJiVIP – BBVIP.net