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So here are some sponsor photo of Jung Min ^_^

2010/01/15 Human Theater

2010/03/02 Human Theater


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2010/04/01 Seoul fashion week

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KIM HYUN JOONG IN BARCELONA!!! (written by oJJena)

First of all, I want to thank: my Chingu Vero for calling me to tell me that I should go out, a girl named Eva(?) for telling me where the hotel was and Sam for having gone to the hotel and forcing us with her XD


I was so calm in class at 7pm when my chingu Vero calls me telling me that she had seen him at Passeig de Gràcia (a posh Barcelona neighborhood) and we agreed to go around Sagrada Familia (t/n: the cathedral HJ always wanted to visit) and to the restaurant where all the Koreans eat (Gong Yu also went there before). But nothing happened, no sign of the singer. However, around 9pm, this girl tells us (I think her name was Eva) the hotel HJ was staying at and that various fans had already seen him enter and leave it. I was about to return home since I was so hungry but I followed my instincts and went to the hotel he was staying at.

We arrived at the hotel and we met a group of girls. Waiting, waiting, another group of girls came. I think we were 10 more or less. But nothing happened, the boy didn’t want to come down (or they didn’t allow him to go because his managers were kinda intimidating and walked all cool XD) 11 in the night, we decided to leave (my friends and I), but we passed together by the doors of the hotel and Sam was like “Should I just enter the hotel and see?” And she did it. We spent like 15 mins waiting for Sam to come out, but she didn’t even call (you can see that the staff were filming in front of their room XD but you can hardly see anything)

When we were waiting for Sam, one of the managers came down (and the translator?) to see how things were. And just before Sam came down, the group came out!! KHJ+the managers!!! When they came out, if it was a little bit later, I wouldn’t have known it was him because he was walking with his head held low, but I could hear Vero saying hi and that was when realized it was him. Well nothing much happened, as natural as I could muster I tell him in Korean: “This….can we take a photo?” and HJ responds, “…No” and the managers were all “Photos no. Photos no.” That’s it. And so I asked him “Can you give me an autograph?” and it looked like he was about to say no, but one of them was like “Pen?Paper?” and I was like YES YES (I am always prepared hehehe). Then that’s it. This nice guy gave me an autograph (I am the first one!!! ^^) and the other girls who stayed there as well. (This was when I noticed he was wearing flip-flops XD). Then they asked me: “Are you Korean??” and I was like “No I’m Chinese, but I am studying Korean” and after this I asked them “Are you going to Madrid tomorrow?” and they were like yes so MADRID FANS, PREPARE YOURSELF TOMORROW SINCE HE IS GOING THERE! Anyway, some girls gave him letters, others pursued him since they couldn’t get autographs… and well, in the end we left him alone so that he can go to the pub and drink something ^^

9.4.2010 This date will also be a special day, just like 12.9.2007 when TVXQ (minus Junsu) went to France *^*

Let’s see, I must say that what little we searched, we have been very lucky to see him and get autographs, but although it was a shame we couldn’t take pictures… He was 2 cm close to me for a good amount of time while he was signing autographs!!! INCREDIBLE!!! I think I will now become his fan mwahahahaha

Hyun Joong oppa is 1.8 m tall or something right? I think he was a little shorter. I am 1.6 m tall and to tell you the truth, I didn’t have to lift my head that much to see him, although I’m not sure if the floor was a little bit lower on his side….He has perfect skin, so soft…makes you want to touch it hahahaha Don’t hit me, I resisted! =) In addition, this guy and the managers were actually really nice ^^ Those comments saying how he was “on edge” at the airport…in the end, he is a normal person. After 15 hours on an airplane where he got off to see so many fans…I think that he just didn’t know how to react.

Well, after all this mess, I have some photos. Hyun Joong is the one with the green coat and white pants ^ ^

This is my lucky chingu Lore who managed to take a photo with him T____T

The second one, starting from the left

The little group in the front, 2nd to the left….

Autograph ^^

The one, starting from the left

The little group in the front, 2nd to the left….

Autograph ^^

English Translation: justdancenow@kimhyunjoong soompi thread

Wow.. as we know, Kyu Jong is going to release his new solo…

he said in DSP that it is one of SS501 old song…

So what song is it?????

Finally the answer is out ^_^

The song is 서툰 고백 (Confession) .. Love it?

Kyu Jong’s version is for TV drama Superstar OST

Really want to listen to Kyu’s version…

Mnet is now open for listening …

Of course, if you have an account with them

Click here to go to the download site


nglish Translation by: crazykyootie@soompi

Confession (English)
It beats…it continues to beat
Ever since I met you for the first time by chance

I must of fallen, I must have really fallen for you
I cannot stare straight into your eyes

Your light hands, your white face, I cannot even touch it once
I want to kiss your transparent lips
Saying I love you, saying I love you to you
Those words wash away when I’m in front of you
Like the many stars it is the worlds most abundant words
It is only me who still cannot pull those words out

Just like a fool, I am just like a fool
No matter how many times I practice, only wrong words come out

Your light hands, your white face, I cannot even touch it once
I want to kiss your transparent lips
Saying I love you, saying I love you to you
Those words wash away when I’m in front of you
Like the many stars it is the worlds most abundant words
It is only me who still cannot pull those words out

That if I could bump into you
I walk slowly at the place you constantly walk
Saying the words “I love you” thousands of times to myself
Even though I’m nervous, I will say it today

I love you, only I love you
Please say something, just hurt me this one time

Without anyone knowing, just a secret to both of us
Lets love, with no one knowing, lets love

Lets love
Let us both love


haha… just find sendmall email in my inbox…

Got the news that another product will be out soon in sendmall

So I posted that our boys got a new season 2 Green Peas mug out now

I actually ordered it already ^^

Then, another coming products will be “SS501 is back” Umbrella

So cute… I love to have that… so my not so favorite rainy day will become my favorite day…keke

Credit: mail

Wow… we all know Tiamo4674’s fancams are all very clear and closeup

Thanks my friend Rachel for the tips ^_^

Here is one of the fancam Hyun Joong at the Tony Moly fan signing event

Credit: Tiamo4674@YT

Thanks crazynoona for posting this cute video of Chocolate in her youtube channel…keke

Kibum posted it in his blog

As Kibum said: (Choco) is the world’s smartest dog…hahahaha

Also as cute as his owner baby Jun ^_^

Credit: Kibum’s blog + crazynoona (

Miss Tom and Jerry moment? kekeke…

Here you go… again…


Credit: peeress05@YT+Translation by No. 43 Park

Here are some of the signature Spain TS got from Hyun Joong ^_^

So lucky to get his signature…. in their own country, right????

hehe… here you go:

This is what Susispooky said in soompi about these signature:

I saw him! I’ve his autograph. A girls I met in the hotel and me were filmed by the cameraman, talking and saying “Kim Hyun Joong, fighting!” all together. He signed my photos on his room and left them in the hotel reception.

Credit: Soompi thread

thanks Noc Bori to share this fancam

Hyun Joong was trying to reach out for fans and signed their photos ^_^

Credit: Nocbori@YT

We all know Hyun Joong was watching the soccer match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in Spain Bernabeu Stadium yesterday, right?

Some TS managed to find him on the street near the stadium and even inside the stadium among over 80,000 spectators

WOW>>>>>>>>>>> Triple S are the best ^_^

Thanks for k-worldpassion to share these photos in her blog .. and

Also the original TS who took these wonderful photos


BTW, can you find Hyun Joong in these two photos…

Of course, right? He really stands out in the crown ^^

Hyun Joong and Manager wore Ronaldo T-shirt ^_^

They support the Real Madrid

Ronaldo is one of the famous player in the team…kekeke

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