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We revealed earlier that Big Bang was going to sing the theme song for the Japanese broadcast of IRIS and we also listened to a short teaser as well.

Now with the drama broadcasting in the prime time slot on TBS Japan on April 21st in a special 2 hour premiere, they have released an extended highlight reel music video with the best scenes and of course with Big Bang’s new song Tell Me Goodbye playing in the background.

So sit back and relieve the best moments of IRIS with Big Bang!

credit : allkpop


Wow… we all know Tiamo4674’s fancams are all very clear and closeup

Thanks my friend Rachel for the tips ^_^

Here is one of the fancam Hyun Joong at the Tony Moly fan signing event

Credit: Tiamo4674@YT

Thanks crazynoona for posting this cute video of Chocolate in her youtube channel…keke

Kibum posted it in his blog

As Kibum said: (Choco) is the world’s smartest dog…hahahaha

Also as cute as his owner baby Jun ^_^

Credit: Kibum’s blog + crazynoona (

Miss Tom and Jerry moment? kekeke…

Here you go… again…


Credit: peeress05@YT+Translation by No. 43 Park

thanks Noc Bori to share this fancam

Hyun Joong was trying to reach out for fans and signed their photos ^_^

Credit: Nocbori@YT

Thanks crazynoona to sub this old clip…

We all know baby Jun and his brother are very closed…

This video could show how adorable baby is ^_^

Actual event: 16 August 08 UKiss Japan First Showcase at Tokyo NoName Live Hall

Credit: mangosorbet@YT+eng sub + trans by crazynoona

credit: 车厘果洋溢 @ Tudou – Excentrique13 @ YT

credit: meryLsuki @ YT

credit: albusseveruscullen @ YT

credit: princekyu @ YT

credit: kyuhyunhunkyu @ youku – pinkninjaish @ YT

Another fancam shared by Spain TS ^_^

They are great at stalking Hyun Joong…keke

Credit: mbsara@YT

source : sapphirepearls

Credti: Yamashita23@YT+toita87@Kim Hyun Joong thread @ Soompi