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Despite the plagiarism controversy that surrounded their Korean debut track I’m a Loner in early 2010, indie rock boy band CNBLUE has gained a fanbase large enough to secure their rise to fame and success.

They have remained relatively low-key lately, aside from CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa’s regular appearance as the on-screen husband of SNSD’s Seohyun in MBC We Got Married.

However, fans have some eye candy to look at with the release of CNBLUE’s official photos from the Nii photoshoot.

In a sunny, beach setting, the members unveiled a casual, summer look wearing polos and jeans. Not only is CNBLUE talented, they are a good-looking bunch too.

Check out the photos below.

credit: allkpop


BABY BABY – photo by 물병자리
found in SJ Baidu Bar
shared by Valeska @

OK… here we go… once again our Hyun Joong’s international news is appeared in Korean Newspaper…

keke… I don’t have time to translate it word by word

So I just give a brief translation of the news here

but it basically talked about Hyun Joong is known as a soccer fans

He went to Spain for photo shoot and ended up watching the El Clásico between Real Madrid and Barcelona

Fans in Spain found out Hyun Joong watching El Clásico

And photos and his news are all over the internet which we know already…keke

There are photos description in the news…

Since we all see the photos already, don’t need to translate it, right? haha

There is also photo released by a local press photos which HJ insdie the stadium.

However, the grainy faces of the audience it is difficult to determine.

Nevertheless, the fans are watching the game enlarge the look of Hyun Joong captures after discovering, posted on the Internet.

However, some people are shocked to find these even blurry photos of Hyun Joong

Some said things like “Found it great within some many people,”

“you’re finding that one, I’m scared for Hyun Joong”

“Emerging Technology in American drama forensics things,”

ahahaha… I am shocked also because it is really scary to find one person among 80,000 person

Here is the enlarge photos of Hyun Joong posted… still grainy but still can know is Hyun Joong ^_^

English translation:

haha… I know the event is couple months ago

But seems more photos of this Christmas show came out in Japan TS site

Since, not much fans photos of this event…

We can only get the photos from DSP

Here is some more of our handsome princes

Credit: Japan DSP official site

So here are some sponsor photo of Jung Min ^_^

2010/01/15 Human Theater

2010/03/02 Human Theater


codes combine

2010/04/01 Seoul fashion week

Credit: tag
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haha… just find sendmall email in my inbox…

Got the news that another product will be out soon in sendmall

So I posted that our boys got a new season 2 Green Peas mug out now

I actually ordered it already ^^

Then, another coming products will be “SS501 is back” Umbrella

So cute… I love to have that… so my not so favorite rainy day will become my favorite day…keke

Credit: mail

Here are some of the signature Spain TS got from Hyun Joong ^_^

So lucky to get his signature…. in their own country, right????

hehe… here you go:

This is what Susispooky said in soompi about these signature:

I saw him! I’ve his autograph. A girls I met in the hotel and me were filmed by the cameraman, talking and saying “Kim Hyun Joong, fighting!” all together. He signed my photos on his room and left them in the hotel reception.

Credit: Soompi thread

We all know Hyun Joong was watching the soccer match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in Spain Bernabeu Stadium yesterday, right?

Some TS managed to find him on the street near the stadium and even inside the stadium among over 80,000 spectators

WOW>>>>>>>>>>> Triple S are the best ^_^

Thanks for k-worldpassion to share these photos in her blog .. and

Also the original TS who took these wonderful photos


BTW, can you find Hyun Joong in these two photos…

Of course, right? He really stands out in the crown ^^

Hyun Joong and Manager wore Ronaldo T-shirt ^_^

They support the Real Madrid

Ronaldo is one of the famous player in the team…kekeke

Credit: blog


KBS Cool FM Sukira Official Website
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haha… some TWTS posted these photos of Jung Min after watching the concert ^_^

Thanks 整夜不睡的狗 for sharing these…

She also said that Jung Min and his friends are so nice…

While leaving and walking along the road, Jung Min was continue signing, receiving gifts and even shaking hand with fans…haha

You are really a cordial representative Park…kekeke

Here are some photos shared by her also ^^

Credit: 整夜不睡的狗@