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All 3,000 seats for Jang Geun Suk’s China fanmeeting have been sold, with many expressing their disappointment at being unable to secure a ticket!

Since March, Jang Geun Suk had started an Asia fanmeeting tour, and on the 17th he held a fanmeeting in Beijing, China for 3,000 lucky fans. However, the tickets were sold out within hours, proving Jang Geun Suk’s immense popularity in the country.

A representative of his company, Tree J Company LTD, stated, “We were all surprised when we heard that all 3,000 seats were sold out even before the fanmeeting schedule was set. We are trying our best to prepare a memorable event for the Chinese fans who have been waiting to meet Jang Geun Suk.”

Jang Geun Suk will be heading for Singapore next week.


p/s: hopefully he’ll do FM in MALAYSIA too soon


OK… here we go… once again our Hyun Joong’s international news is appeared in Korean Newspaper…

keke… I don’t have time to translate it word by word

So I just give a brief translation of the news here

but it basically talked about Hyun Joong is known as a soccer fans

He went to Spain for photo shoot and ended up watching the El Clásico between Real Madrid and Barcelona

Fans in Spain found out Hyun Joong watching El Clásico

And photos and his news are all over the internet which we know already…keke

There are photos description in the news…

Since we all see the photos already, don’t need to translate it, right? haha

There is also photo released by a local press photos which HJ insdie the stadium.

However, the grainy faces of the audience it is difficult to determine.

Nevertheless, the fans are watching the game enlarge the look of Hyun Joong captures after discovering, posted on the Internet.

However, some people are shocked to find these even blurry photos of Hyun Joong

Some said things like “Found it great within some many people,”

“you’re finding that one, I’m scared for Hyun Joong”

“Emerging Technology in American drama forensics things,”

ahahaha… I am shocked also because it is really scary to find one person among 80,000 person

Here is the enlarge photos of Hyun Joong posted… still grainy but still can know is Hyun Joong ^_^

English translation:

One of the biggest and most successful entertainment companies in Korea, YG Entertainment has achieved a huge profit for 2009.

On the 12th, it was revealed how much YG made in 2009 after research by the Financial Supervisory Service.

From this research, it has been known that they earned 35,693,360,000 KRW (~$32 million USD). This is almost double the amount of 2008’s total income of 18,500,000,000 KRW (~$16,700,000). It’s been almost 15 years since YG was founded and this is the biggest income they have had yet.

So, how did they made so much money? Well, 2009 was the year 2NE1 debuted! They hit it big with Fire and I Don’t Care. Not only that, Big Bang had concerts. On top of that, G-Dragon, Daesung, Seungri, Taeyang and T.O.P all did solo activities.
Figures for the other two heavyweights, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment were also released with the former remaining top of the pile thanks to its strong marketing operations (61,788,490,000 KRW) while the latter suffered a slight drop in earnings (10,163,540,000 KRW) due to the Wonder Girls’ inactivity in Korea.

Read more:

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” Group Super Junior ends their 9-months long 2nd Asian tour concert ‘SuperShow 2′ with their concert performance in the Philippines.

The group had their finale concert performance of ‘Super Show 2′ on 10th April in Philippines Araneta Coliseum. During the 3-hour concert that day, the group put up various grand performances totally up to 36 song performances.

Super Junior started their concert tour last July starting from Beijing to Shanghai, HongKong, Bangkok, Taipei, Nanjing, Kuala Lumpur and Manila etc in 9 cities over 15 concert performances. And the concert tour saw about 198K fans mobilized.

Currently, there has been great demand for ‘Super Show 3′ to have concert performances in cities like Vietnam and Singapore which the group did not visit during their Super Show 2.”

Original article: Newsen
English translation: K Bites

haha… just find sendmall email in my inbox…

Got the news that another product will be out soon in sendmall

So I posted that our boys got a new season 2 Green Peas mug out now

I actually ordered it already ^^

Then, another coming products will be “SS501 is back” Umbrella

So cute… I love to have that… so my not so favorite rainy day will become my favorite day…keke

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We reported earlier that Hankyung will be opening the Meng Niu Music Billboard Ceremony on April 11th and his performance cut has been released.

This was Hankyung’s first public stage performance for a long while and fans were undoubtedly waiting for a very long time to see him back on stage again. His performance lasted about 5 1/2 minutes and his dance routine included a freestyle dance, collaboration with Jolin Tsai’s Dancing Diva, Rain’s It’s Raining and finally his Michael Jackson tribute.

source : allkpop

Having revealed on Kim Heechul’s Young Street earlier that he would show his driving license, the 4-D member of Super Junior, Kim Heechul fulfiled his promise by uploading it on the 11th on the official website.

He expressed that he had taken the photo according to his own style (with his trademark smirk) and it would definitely claim the Daesang award (if there ever was one) for being the best driving license photo.

Netizens were no doubt bemused, especially by that smirk and expressed, “You’re really bold, Heechul,”, “Really hit the jackpot with this,” etc.

source : allkpop

“Donghae will not attend the Mengniu’s 10th Music Billboard Festival on April 11th in Shenzhen as well as CCTV’s Feng Yun Music Award Ceremony on April 17th in Luo Yang.

Also, Donghae doesn’t have any schedules in China for April. Whether he will participate on the Shanghai Expo in May needs to be determined.”

twelfs note: Super Junior has been invited to attend Shanghai Expo Opening Ceremony in late April / early May but has yet to return confirmation of attendance

additional note: we have yet to figure out the reason behind this.. there might be a change in schedule so we will keep an eye out… hopefully he will still show up tonight~
Source: 海世代
English translation: Marchocho @

Yesterday during MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ performances, artist K.Will sang ‘Gift,’ which was originally written by Eun JiWon, who is getting hitched on the 20th. The song speaks of a proposal of love to another person.

Netizens have been very interested in K.Will’s performance, mainly due to the fact that BEAST’s very own Junhyung was featured during the performance. Previously, it had always been Eun JiWon and H-Eugene who had been featured. The change in featured artists, as well the addition of BEAST’s main rapper, added much to the quality of the show, as Junhyung’s rapping was quite compatible with K.Will’s smooth croons.

How did you feel about K.Will and Junhyung’s performance yesterday?



After the contract termination incident with SM Entertainment, Hangeng lived in the US for a period of time. Yesterday, he accepted an exclusive interview with “Music Billboard”, and talked about his life there, which was very “enriching”.

Hangeng revealed that he went to look for Michael Jackson’s choreographer for dancing lessons every day, and had English lessons with a tutor. Also, Hangeng denies that he is going into the US industry, and that his focus is still in China. On the 11th of April, Hangeng will go to Shenzhen to participate in Music Billboard’s 10th Anniversary festival.

This time, a lot of top-notch artistes are going to appear, Eason Chan, David Tao, Karen Mok, Joey Young, Hangeng, Crowd Lu and many more. That night, all the invited artists with “Bright New Dreams” as the theme, revisits the past 10 years of Music History, and using dreams to open up the next 10 years.

Hangeng’s arrival details:
Hangeng’s arrival: 10th April, ShenZhen
Flight no./time CA1357, 15:30-18:30

FR: 追光韓庚

Original article: 王者韓庚 + 唯愛SJ13
English translation: Gemmi (listentokyu) @