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KIM HYUN JOONG IN BARCELONA!!! (written by oJJena)

First of all, I want to thank: my Chingu Vero for calling me to tell me that I should go out, a girl named Eva(?) for telling me where the hotel was and Sam for having gone to the hotel and forcing us with her XD


I was so calm in class at 7pm when my chingu Vero calls me telling me that she had seen him at Passeig de Gràcia (a posh Barcelona neighborhood) and we agreed to go around Sagrada Familia (t/n: the cathedral HJ always wanted to visit) and to the restaurant where all the Koreans eat (Gong Yu also went there before). But nothing happened, no sign of the singer. However, around 9pm, this girl tells us (I think her name was Eva) the hotel HJ was staying at and that various fans had already seen him enter and leave it. I was about to return home since I was so hungry but I followed my instincts and went to the hotel he was staying at.

We arrived at the hotel and we met a group of girls. Waiting, waiting, another group of girls came. I think we were 10 more or less. But nothing happened, the boy didn’t want to come down (or they didn’t allow him to go because his managers were kinda intimidating and walked all cool XD) 11 in the night, we decided to leave (my friends and I), but we passed together by the doors of the hotel and Sam was like “Should I just enter the hotel and see?” And she did it. We spent like 15 mins waiting for Sam to come out, but she didn’t even call (you can see that the staff were filming in front of their room XD but you can hardly see anything)

When we were waiting for Sam, one of the managers came down (and the translator?) to see how things were. And just before Sam came down, the group came out!! KHJ+the managers!!! When they came out, if it was a little bit later, I wouldn’t have known it was him because he was walking with his head held low, but I could hear Vero saying hi and that was when realized it was him. Well nothing much happened, as natural as I could muster I tell him in Korean: “This….can we take a photo?” and HJ responds, “…No” and the managers were all “Photos no. Photos no.” That’s it. And so I asked him “Can you give me an autograph?” and it looked like he was about to say no, but one of them was like “Pen?Paper?” and I was like YES YES (I am always prepared hehehe). Then that’s it. This nice guy gave me an autograph (I am the first one!!! ^^) and the other girls who stayed there as well. (This was when I noticed he was wearing flip-flops XD). Then they asked me: “Are you Korean??” and I was like “No I’m Chinese, but I am studying Korean” and after this I asked them “Are you going to Madrid tomorrow?” and they were like yes so MADRID FANS, PREPARE YOURSELF TOMORROW SINCE HE IS GOING THERE! Anyway, some girls gave him letters, others pursued him since they couldn’t get autographs… and well, in the end we left him alone so that he can go to the pub and drink something ^^

9.4.2010 This date will also be a special day, just like 12.9.2007 when TVXQ (minus Junsu) went to France *^*

Let’s see, I must say that what little we searched, we have been very lucky to see him and get autographs, but although it was a shame we couldn’t take pictures… He was 2 cm close to me for a good amount of time while he was signing autographs!!! INCREDIBLE!!! I think I will now become his fan mwahahahaha

Hyun Joong oppa is 1.8 m tall or something right? I think he was a little shorter. I am 1.6 m tall and to tell you the truth, I didn’t have to lift my head that much to see him, although I’m not sure if the floor was a little bit lower on his side….He has perfect skin, so soft…makes you want to touch it hahahaha Don’t hit me, I resisted! =) In addition, this guy and the managers were actually really nice ^^ Those comments saying how he was “on edge” at the airport…in the end, he is a normal person. After 15 hours on an airplane where he got off to see so many fans…I think that he just didn’t know how to react.

Well, after all this mess, I have some photos. Hyun Joong is the one with the green coat and white pants ^ ^

This is my lucky chingu Lore who managed to take a photo with him T____T

The second one, starting from the left

The little group in the front, 2nd to the left….

Autograph ^^

The one, starting from the left

The little group in the front, 2nd to the left….

Autograph ^^

English Translation: justdancenow@kimhyunjoong soompi thread


Rain made his long-awaited comeback this week on music programs and Inkigayo was his last stop .

He had an interview before his stage performance where he gave words of encouragement to his juniors.

After Rain’s introduction, Wooyoung asked Rain if there was a possibility that Taecyeon could become a beastly male like him, since he is the original.

Rain complimented Taecyeon by saying, “No one can rip a shirt the way Taecyeon does,” making the latter embarassed as he bowed with thanks.

Sulli then asked if they could become world stars (like him), to which Rain said, “As long as you work together and do your best,” giving them encouragement.

Rain and Sulli then introduced 2AM as the next performers to end.

source : allkpop

Hyun Joong to Young Saeng:

To Young Saeng …

Young Saeng ah have to be patient no matter how hungry

have to have Patience even how painful we feel

because we want to become more progressive people,

We want to become great

よっしや よっしや and Fighting!!

Even we can’t be recognized internationally

We still need to put desperate efforts to become a singer also

if we do so, I believe that wealth and honor will eventually come naturally

Young Saeng to Kyu Jong:

To Kyu Jong

Young Saeng… is me hyung…ke

Hope I will always able to see you as this hardworking and honest person

I love to see we 501 will remain this even after many years!!!

Do not only eat beef donbori, but also try to challenge other things!! Hehehe Fighting!!

Kyu Jong to Jung Min:

To Sexy Park Jung Min

You are the the highest (better) the sexy man in Republic of Korea ~ Min-ah
We have come to Japan, it is hard to learn Japanese,
You still have a good effort to study even in pain after having surgery,
Really very grateful, Yeah we all work together.
No pain now, please be healthy


From “Kyu Jong”

Jung Min to Hyung Jun:

To Hyung Jun

How are you?

I am Jung Min!!

Very grateful to have you as part of SS501 working with desperate efforts~

Then we have to continue to Fighting!!


Later no matter how many difficulty we will encounter

Let’s us overcome them together!!

Hyung. Jun. Jung. Min.

and SS501 Cheer

Jung Min

Hyung Jun to Hyun Joong Hyung:

To Hyun Joong hyung

Often show the look with desperate effort ~ !

SS501 we will always be together

Let’s work hard together

We all five members make every effort to make it perfect ~

Let’s get brighten in Japan!!

ah hahaha ~!!

Hyung Jun in SS501


This news is about some of the Seoul collection designer relationship with their official model

Which most of them are maintaining a best friendship between

Hyun Joong and MVIO designer are one of the best friend pair among the list ^_^

heehee… as we can see from the photos of the fashion week, they are definitely best friends

Celebrity Designer and model are in an inseparable relationship. Whether the designers and celebrities who were once best friend can see from who attended to the front desk to see the show. Now, this should open a list of collected best friend.
[Source] best friend in Seoul Collection | author momo

I met two people this past year, MVIO 2009 models and designers has been maintained best friend mode until now .

The unusually MVIO use Kim Hyun Joong model for their campaign
For the drama “Boys Over Flowers”, he did styling and creates the costumes which was known as ‘handsome look and feel’ One could use a lot of publicity through Toktok as the prevailing brand.

Kim Hyun Joong also thanks to MIVO designer Han Sang Hyeok’s well made costume, from the image of idol dance group leaders could be making as a safe image to stable as ‘Handsome Actor’

I feel good as a win – win strategy, thanks to the strategic of relationship between the two has evolved into one of the best friend!

He stood on the stage catwalk as the main model in 2009 F / W Seoul Collection, 1 year later, in 2010 F / W, he is still branded with the designers and sending the support and decorate the front.

Credit: /

I came back now after the concert ended~ㅠㅜ
little bit sadㅠㅜSuper Show2 ended already ㅠㅜ
But we’ll have Super Show 3^^!!
ELFs thank you very much!! I love you!!

Source: Donghae’s Twitter
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

It was revealed yesterday that Super Junior’s Hankyung would be reemerging into the public sphere by paying the legendary Michael Jackson a tribute through a performance at the Decade Music Ceremony this May. Hankyung has also begun to connect with Chinese media outlets as well.

In an interview with Entertainment Live, Hankyung dished out information about his wellbeing, his history & relationship with SM Entertainment and possible plans for the future.

“Right now, I’m living a more regular life,” Hankyung replied when asked about his current status. “Typically, I always sleep before midnight, then get up around seven or eight in the morning. In the afternoon, when I’m pretty much done with lunch, I rest for half an hour then go work out. After that, I rest for one-two hours, then I learn English.”

“Now there’s more time to spend with my mom… yeah,” Hankyung added with a little laugh.

Although this simple lifestyle may seem boringly ordinary for many, it’s the type of schedule that Hankyung hasn’t experienced for a long time. The idol had left home at the age of twelve to pursue dance in Beijing, then traveled to Korea at nineteen. In 2005, he debuted with Super Junior, and faced hardships even then due to his demanding schedule as well as the difficulties that come with being a foreigner. As many fans know, Hankyung even wore a mask for a period of time in fear of getting deported from the country.

Furthermore, Hankyung has suffered serious health problems as well. “My health hasn’t been very good, especially my stomach. Since my debut, I’ve had gastritis, so it’s been pretty bad.” He went on to explain that he has suffered excessive fatigue as a result. “It doesn’t matter what you eat or drink, you vomit. … Then your body lacks nutrients. The other organs in your body begin to slowly…” Hankyung trailed off and shook his head with a small frown. “It’s not very good.”

“I go to the hospital with my mom and get traditional Chinese medicine,” Hankyung continued. “Every day, my mom makes me drink. Sometimes I forget, or if I leave home, then she gives me a big bag of medicine.”

Hankyung also talked a bit about his experiences with SM Entertainment. “Well, I can’t say it was unfair,” Hankyung revealed during the interview, and thought for a moment. “If you like what you’re doing, it’s not like everything is going to be fair.”

The idol remained optimistic about the experiences he had undergone in the past. “Wearing a mask during Don’t Don [promotions] – if there weren’t such experiences, there couldn’t be the same Hankyung today. These past experiences will help me very, very much for the path I walk in the future.”

Speaking of Hankyung’s future, the idol also spoke up about possible plans down the road. “In the future, I hope to be an actor, and have a long-lasting career.”

With his upcoming role in the Decade Music Ceremony & an upcoming press conference (plus a new Super Junior album in the works), Hankyung’s got a lot on his plate until then. Stay tuned for more on this matter!

source : allkpop

In the world of Korean entertainment, we often watch kpop idols seal their lips shut about their romantic lives. However, 2PM beast Taecyeon talked about his past relationships on today’s episode of the third season of KBS Happy Together.

As many fans know, Taecyeon was born in Korea and lived in Boston, Massachusetts in America for seven years. During the episode, co-host Park Myung Soo asked the idol whether he had any girlfriends during this time.

Shyly, Taecyeon revealed that his ex-girlfriend’s name was Amy. Co-host (& sneaky Taec fangirlShin Bong Sun then asked whether this girl had been white, to which Taecyeon vaguely responded, “No, I had different white girlfriend,” which amplified the cast’s interest in Taecyeon’s past.

Taecyeon hesitated for a while, then finally said, “Jessi… Jessi… Jessica,” causing the cast to immediately connect Taecyeon with SNSD’s Jessica. It turns out that this Jessica was just the white girlfriend he had referred to earlier, so don’t get your hopes too high!

source : allkpop

Lee Seung Gi transformed into a cute rocker for the spring collection of Edwin S/S. He posed alongside Go Eun Ah, the female model for the line.

The theme of the photo shoot was Time and Style and Mix Lounge in a lively party-like setting.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi was recently cast as the leading male of the drama My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox (Gumiho) which is written by the famous Hong sisters, known for their various hits like You’re Beautiful and My Girl.

source : allkpop

1. G-Dragon Bigbang (896)

2. Jang Geun Suk & Lee Minho (860)

3. Donghae Super Junior (823)

4. Nichkhun 2PM (756)

5. T.O.P Bigbang (718)

6. Minho SHINee (624)

7. Daesung Bigbang (543)

8. Hongki FT Island (517)

9. Yunho TVXQ(456)

10. Yonghwa CN Blue (319)

11. Jaejoong TVXQ (314)

12. TaeminSHINee (298)

13. Hyunjoong SS501 (295)

14. Seungri Bigbang (291)

15. Thunder MBLAQ (288)

16. Heechul Super Junior (285)

17. Taeyang Bigbang (279)

18. Taecyeon 2PM (264)

19. Leeteuk Super Junior (256)

20. Jonghyun FT Island (245)

source: [heyjj]
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Shall We Wine
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Due to Super Junior leader Leeteuk’s recent back injury, fellow member Kyuhyun recently stepped into his groupmate’s role on Sukira radio as a guest host.

On the show, Kyuhyun covered White’s Seven Years’ Love (7년간의 사랑), a track that he also performed at a live showcase last June. The song was released that same month with all proceeds going to UNICEF.

source : allkpop