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The U-Kiss boys recently begun promotions on M! Countdown with their new song, What but like many other singers promoting during this period, their schedules have been disrupted due to events out of their control.

But one thing is definitely confirmed and that is they would be heading to Malaysia this coming June! U-Kiss member, Alexander had only just tweeted about it yesterday and we have one location confirmed today.

Geneses Dream Entertainment have managed to get U-Kiss to Malaysia for a fan meeting on 19th June at the KLCC. There were some doubts initially among U-Kiss fans who questioned whether it was a scam but the exclusive teaser video recorded by the U-Kiss members should put your fears to rest.

credit : allkpop


All 3,000 seats for Jang Geun Suk’s China fanmeeting have been sold, with many expressing their disappointment at being unable to secure a ticket!

Since March, Jang Geun Suk had started an Asia fanmeeting tour, and on the 17th he held a fanmeeting in Beijing, China for 3,000 lucky fans. However, the tickets were sold out within hours, proving Jang Geun Suk’s immense popularity in the country.

A representative of his company, Tree J Company LTD, stated, “We were all surprised when we heard that all 3,000 seats were sold out even before the fanmeeting schedule was set. We are trying our best to prepare a memorable event for the Chinese fans who have been waiting to meet Jang Geun Suk.”

Jang Geun Suk will be heading for Singapore next week.


p/s: hopefully he’ll do FM in MALAYSIA too soon

Greetings, international ELFs…

As you might have probably been aware of, Super Junior will release their 4th album (also known as 4jib album) soon. The boys have been teasing us continuously about it. There is yet to be a confirmation on its release date but we will keep you posted.

Now… we are here to gather all international ELFs to offer a helping hand to our friends over in Korea to fund their project of “4Jib Album Promotion”. As they are a bit short in donations, we need your help in collecting them as much and as fast as possible to make this project happen.

You will find all the details behind the cut.

Hello~ This is Super Junior’s 4jib support team~

There has been some sayings about 4jib, and as SJ are expected to make their comback in the early May, we need lots of support from fans~!!

This year’s 4jib support is divided into two: Food Support and PR Support.

Here are the details about it:
Food Support

-For the three Music programs and Radios
; SJ, SJ staffs, Broadcasting Station or Radio Station staffs, and other celebrities on the show that day. It’s to let them know SJ 4jib is out and to look after our oppas ^^.
As it’s for the broadcasting station, the scale of the support is really big, so it’s your participation is really important~ Please help ㅠㅠ
PR Support

– PR Support will be divided into both ONLINE and OFFLINE.

* Bus advertisement (the metropolitan area only):

Per 1 bus, they’re on the road about 8 to 12 times per one ride, so on average of one, there will be 780 to 800 people who will see the ad; effect the biggest.

1(It’s not only effective for the general public, but advertising on 8 to 9 buses equal the amount of money needed for making PR posters.)
The ad will be on buses with large passengers so that it’s not only for fans but general public as well.

Depending on the donation money, the number of days (start of the date) for PR will be changed~

Regarding the design for bus PR, we’ll upload it ASAP.
* PR poster: Poster ads is undecided as there has been a lot of suggestions that Poster ad is not as effective in 3jib PR support.


* Putting up banners on MiniHompy (cyworld) and putting up links on blogs
; banners and links will be directed to an online site telling about Super Junior and Super Junior’s fourth album.
* Uploading PRing posts on each portal sites
* Downloading mp3 files LEGALLY (they count a lot for music programs & awards in Korea!!)
* Writing your messages to cheer on SJ (both post & replies on the official site)
; the words you write will be organized and sent to the members along with all the 4jib support goods.

For payment checks (for intl, you have to e-mail or any suggestions or questions, please leave then at the official support homepage.

We’ll be waiting for those~

4jib support home ~



Since we want to gather as much as donations as possible, we need a representative from each country to collect donations before sending it to Korea via paypal.

Here are the list of the representatives:

1. Indonesia: Uti [ paypal: – local bank : details to be sent via email ]
2. Australia: Dea [ paypal: – local bank : details to be sent via email ]
3. Thailand: Tomozuki1 [ LINK ]

For Australia and Indonesia support bank account infos, please e-mail us at or

and we’ll send you details about the bank accounts so you can donate money. (In late April, we’ll send it all to Korea)
++SEND US CONFIRMATION CHECK MAILS so that you can check that we’ve got your donations.

We’re trying to gather donations by bank accounts as much as possible (since there are transaction fees when using PayPal) so if you are in Thai, Indonesia, or Australia, please use the bank account if possible, please.

For any questions you have, feel free to e-mail us at or
We understand Indonesian, Korean, and English but NO OTHER LANGUAGES. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please participate, as this is your time as an E.L.F. so show your love and support for Super Junior.. ^^
When you see the after notes of the support, you’ll be proud knowing you participated!!!

Let’s make 2010 the year of Super Junior !!!!!

~please feel free to scrap this to other sites ^^

We are looking for other representatives in other countries who have PayPal and are willing to create bank accounts for the donations, so if you are interested in helping us please fill in the form below and email it to us.

Twitter username (if any):
Paypal email address:
Bank account details:

source :

yay~~!! updating on the fansigning event with min ho a.k.a goo jun pyo~~

da stage~~!!
the banner~~ cute min ho~!!
we’d been waiting since 9.45am.. the shops still close lol~~!! keke~~
2.30PM… they asked us to stand~~ standing for 3 and half hours for minho^^
k-pop fans in Malaysia~~!!! so many~~ proud~!!^^ PA250065
fan from indonesia~~
can u imagine how many fans are there??~~
the crew set up for da launching event~~
minho’s crews are coming~~!! da cmeraman
his manager~~ cool~~ PA250666
the emcees on the stage~~
finally~~ after waiting for 8 hours~~ Lee Min Ho~~!!!(many of the pics of minho cut from the vid + blur.. mianheyo~~)
Min Ho entering the stage~~

<something happen to my comp… i’ll be back to update >

Lee Min Ho’s autographed poster


Lee Min Ho’s autographed poster


Yesterday, 25th oct, was LeeMinHo’s fan meeting in malaysia….

we will upload the pictures really soon…

u guys also can check it out at this site


[EVENT] MAA 2008

Guys…this is random post….just want to share with all Super Junior’s fans out there…this is some pictures that we manage ti snap during their last visit to malaysia, during MAA 2008….hope u guys enjoy~~~


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Actor Lee Min-ho of Boys Before Flowers is set to go on a promotional tour for Korean beauty brand Etude House and Malaysia is on his list of stops!

The 22-year-old, who is the face of the brand, will be stopping by Taiwan (Oct 23), Singapore (Oct 24) and finally, Malaysia (Oct 25).
We don’t know which Etude House outlet he’ll be at when he comes to our country, and the information at the official Etude House website doesn’t help at all. “Check local listings for the times and places.” – What on earth does that mean?

Is Lee Min-ho’s visit such a regular thing that we have “showtimes” for it? I don’t know where to look. If you do, please point us in the right direction. 검사합니다.

Source: K-popped! reader Wawa & Etude Global


**yay!!finally….he will b in malaysia….

to all his fans, i’ll keep u guys update!!

wait for next update!!