OK… here we go… once again our Hyun Joong’s international news is appeared in Korean Newspaper…

keke… I don’t have time to translate it word by word

So I just give a brief translation of the news here

but it basically talked about Hyun Joong is known as a soccer fans

He went to Spain for photo shoot and ended up watching the El Clásico between Real Madrid and Barcelona

Fans in Spain found out Hyun Joong watching El Clásico

And photos and his news are all over the internet which we know already…keke

There are photos description in the news…

Since we all see the photos already, don’t need to translate it, right? haha

There is also photo released by a local press photos which HJ insdie the stadium.

However, the grainy faces of the audience it is difficult to determine.

Nevertheless, the fans are watching the game enlarge the look of Hyun Joong captures after discovering, posted on the Internet.

However, some people are shocked to find these even blurry photos of Hyun Joong

Some said things like “Found it great within some many people,”

“you’re finding that one, I’m scared for Hyun Joong”

“Emerging Technology in American drama forensics things,”

ahahaha… I am shocked also because it is really scary to find one person among 80,000 person

Here is the enlarge photos of Hyun Joong posted… still grainy but still can know is Hyun Joong ^_^

Credit: http://www.dcinside.com/
English translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com